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C8 MCT Oil + CBD Oil Nano Tincture

Our C8 MCT oil CBD tincture offers all the amazing health benefits of both MCT and CBD together in one oral formula. C8 MCT oil is the most ketogenic fatty acid available from coconuts and promotes mental clarity, provides cellular energy and curbs food cravings.

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C8 MCT Oil (Caprylic Acid) Facts

MCT stands for Medium-chain Tryglycerides. Derived from coconuts, MCTs contain naturally occuring fatty acids. These compounds are turned into ketones in your body which assist with burning fat, having more energy and cognitive function. Undergoing a triple distillation process our C8 MCT oil gives you 4 times more keytone energy than regular MCT oils. MCt oils come in different sizes pertaining to their carbon chain length, called C8, C10 and what typical MCT oil is C12. Our specialized C8 MCT oil produces up to 4 times more ketone energy than regular C12 MCT oil.

C8 MCT Oil Health Benefits

Our C8 MCT oil gives you more brain power, providing a long lasting and rapid boost in brain energy. Being metabolized very quickly, you receive an instant surge of ketone energy. It also effects food cravings, supressing them in a manner where you have fewer desires to go eat a mid-afternoon snack. In addition it jumpstarts your metabolic rate, burning excess fat in the process.

Liposomal and Nanoemulsified CBD

Our CBD tinctures developed at Phoria's private laboratories are one-of-a-kind and undergo rigorous manufacturing and testing processes. Our DHA oil tincture consists of only two ingredients, laboratory grown water extracted algae oil and CBD oil extract. Consisting of all oil based ingredients our tincture is considered liposomal. This means that a good number of the nutrients and compounds contained in the oils are surrounded by a fat, thus allowing the ingested tincture to travel past the stomach, where a lot of medication can be destroyed by harmful hydrochloric acid and absorbed by the gut directly into the bloodstream. We focus heavily on bioavailability, or the ability to properly absorb all the nutrients in our tinctures. This is why we treat them with nano-emulsifying technology. Ultra-sonic waves are produced inside the tincture, resulting in a format that is more bioavailable to the human body, delivering biologically active substances intracellularly and directly to the lymphatic circulation. Our tinctures on average are 5-10 times more bio-available than most of the other brands on the market so please do your research before buying an alternative brand of CBD oil.

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