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CBD Salves

High-concentration salves are a great way to administer CBD topically. Containing nano particle size CBD, our salves are easily absorbed through the skin. Our Phoria™ salves are some of the most potent on the market with over 2,000mg of CBD in each two ounce container.

CBD salves have become one of the most popular products on the CBD scene. We understand every customer has questions when it comes to CBD so we put together a bit of information to help you understand our CBD salve products a little better. CBD salves can help and benefit you in a number of ways and we are here to clear up any uncertainty you might have about them once and for all. The CBD market is evergrowing and we are going to take a more in-depth look at CBD salves to help you make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing one for your individual needs.

What are CBD Salves?

By definition, a salve is "an ointment used to promote healing or protection of the skin." It is also known as an ointment or a balm as well.

Salves are typically a plant-infused blend of different ingedients that is applied topically to the skin. You might be asking yourself, whats the difference between salves, lotions or a topical cream? We will explain that in a little more detail...

Topical Salve: Salves are a combination of various oils and beeswax.

Topical Lotion: Lotions are a combination of oil and water mixed with an emulsifying agent and container a higher 70% to 20% ratio of water to oil.

Topical Cream: Heavier than a lotion, a cream has 1:1 ratio of water to oil and also typically includes an emulsifying agent.

So the basic difference between the three types of topicals is how much water is in each product. In the case of CBD salves, no water is used at all producing a much thicker end product when compared to lotions and creams.

How are CBD Salves produced?

Compared to lotions and creams, salves are the simplest to create. Our salves are derived from a multi-step process that we have created at Phoria Laboratories.

First, we create a base which includes the carrier oils (hemp seed oil & jojoba oil) and organic beeswax. Then seperately, we create the nano-emulsified CBD oil mixture consisting of CBD oil extract and hemp seed oil. This mixture undergoes a special sonification process resulting in more bio-available nano CBD particles that can be absorbed through your skin more efficiently. Finally, the last step is to include steam distilled essential oils for an amazing fragrance and other wellness impacts.

What makes CBD salves work?

So you are probably asking yourself, what is the difference between using a CBD salve topically versus taking a tincture or capsule? We will try to answer that popular question to the best of our ability.

By now you probably have heard that your skin is the largest organ in your body and supports absorbption of many moelecules directly into the blood stream and other systems. This is completely the case with CBD, which with our special nano-emulsifying process, the skin can absorb a very large pecentage of the CBD in our high-concentration CBD salves. Each salve currently has over 2,000mg of active CBD in each container. That is 10-20 more times the amount of CBD many of competitors try to offer. We just simply want to sell a product that works and we have noticed for optimal effects you need more CBD in the product.

The best part of applying a topical is that you can treat the area of interest almost directly. That means if you have some sort of aches or pains in the your left ankle, you rub the salve directly onto your left ankle. The CBD has a far smaller path to travel to provide the anti-inflammatory effects it is known for.

Are CBD salves what you want?

There are some pros and cons to salves. As a result of being comprised of mainly plant oils, they vary in color and can potentially stain clothes so be sure not to wear your white polo after applying our CBD salve. If you want to target a specific area on the body than salves can definitely be for you. If you want to produce systemic or whole body effects however you might want to try adding CBD Tincture or CBD Capsules to your diet, taken orally. If you have sore muscles after a rigorous workout and want to recover faster than CBD salves can also be for you. Just simply analize your needs for CBD and make the right decision on what CBD product is best for you. Overall, always keep in mind our salves are some the most advanced and highly concentrated products on the market and you can always benefit greatly with them.

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