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More CBD In My Tincture Please!

We are very proud of our CBD Tincture selection. Every tincture sold by Phoria is freshly made by hand and contained in a UV protected bottle to preserve active cannabinoids. We like to stay on the cutting-edge of wellness research and offer you our prized formulas.

  • Phoria CBD Oil + Hemp Seed Oil Tincture

    Our CBD starts in the sunny, hypoxic and organic hemp fields of Colorado. After harvest, we combine whole-plant, full spectrum CBD extract with omega-rich cold pressed hemp seed oil to create our first and most popular medicinal tincture. We keep it simple with only 2 major raw ingredients which encompass the entire spectrum of compounds within the hemp plant, including synergistic cannabinoids, terpenoids, flavonoids, essential oils and fatty acids.
  • Phoria CBD Oil + Turmeric Oil Tincture

    Our curcumin oil is an extract of the popular turmeric root which has been used for thousands of years in ancient medicinal history. It is known for having amazing anti-inflammatory and anti-tumerogenic effects and has been used to treat a wide variety of medical conditions.
  • Phoria CBD Oil + DHA Oil Tincture

    Our Chromista oil (schizochytrium sp.) is water extracted from an edible oil-algae strain, making it the finest, purest and safest ever (FDA-GRAS). Untouched by the sea, the cultured oil is grown pure inside enclosed tanks for absolute purity. Combine CBD with the well-known health benefits of DHA oil and reap the rewards.
  • Phoria CBD Oil + CBG Ultra Wellness Tincture

    CBG is regarded as the precursor molecule in the formation of CBC, THC and CBD. It is considered the hemp plants stem cell and research is showing many benefits can be attributed to it when taken orally. This cannabinoid is slowly gaining a reputation as a potent compound with the potential to help with various conditions.
  • Phoria CBD Oil + CBN + Melatonin Sleep Tincture

    We developed this tincture to help improve user's sleep cycles. CBN is known for its sedative effects and keeping you sleeping once you fall asleep. We combine our CBN tinctures with the same amount of CBD for ultimate benefits and we have also included a daily dose of melatonin with each dropper full. See you in the morning!
  • Our pet tincture was developed to not only give dogs and cats a daily dose of full spectrum CBD oil but to also provide a healthy supplement of omega-3 fatty acids to their diet which so much pet food is lacking nowadays. There is no artificial or chemical flavoring found in our CBD tincture, only natural ingredients designed to give Fido or Mittens their best life. Made for cats and dogs, Phoria Pet CBD tincture is available in 2 sizes, a 30ml bottle and a 60ml bottle.

CBD tincture is the raw oil form of the cannabis plant developed for medicating orally. CBD tincture is our most popular product, because people can receive the medicinal benefits of CBD on the go with one quick dropper under the tongue.

But what is CBD tincture, and how does it work? Here’s what you need to know about using CBD tincture to help maintain a vibrant, healthy lifestyle.

Whats the difference between your tinctures?

Here at Phoria Laboratories, we developed a unique set of tinctures you won't find anywhere else. We have three main formulas which all have a different base oil mixed in with the CBD extract. These oils are hemp seed oil, DHA algae oil and turmeric oil.

Hemp Seed Oil Our cold pressed hemp seed oil is a great oil to mix CBD with. It contains an ideal omega 6 to omega 3 ratio and provides your body with much needed fatty acids.

DHA Algae Oil Proudly made in the USA, our dha algae oil contains the omega 3 fatty acid DHA in very high amounts. One dropper can give you enough DHA to last for the whole day. This is ideal for people that do not eat a lot of seafood but still would like to obtain some of the health benefits from consuming a diet rich in seafood organisms. Our DHA oil does not have any type of funky smell either, as it is very pure and very clean.

Turmeric Oil Comprised of over 95% curcuminoids, our CO2 extracted turmeric oil extract is amazing for people that want a bioactive form of turmeric. Turmeric has been known to help with inflammation and even protected against certain types of cancers.

CBG CBG is the stem cell of the hemp plant. It is the molecule formed by hemp before it is converted into THC, CBD or CBC. New research is coming out that CBG helps with a whole array of health benefits. We combine CBD along with our CBG in a whopping 1:1 ratio for double the potency.

CBN We wanted to develop a tincture to help people get a proper sleep cycle. What came to mind was a cutting-edge molecule from the hemp plant that is not widely known, CBN. While CBD has been shown to help greatly with staying asleep, CBN takes the cake when it comes to relaxation cannabinoids. It is most widely known for its relaxing and sedative effects, and when combined with CBD and melatonin you can rest assured you will get a healthy night of rest allowing your body to recover and rejuvinate properly throughout the night.

Why choose Phoria CBD tincture?

In addition to our unique formulations we offer the highest levels of CBD in each tincture compared to the competition. Competitors also like to sell their products at astronomical prices, for example our 5,000mg CBD tincture sells for over $150-200 at most places online. Simply, we feel they are taking advantage of suffering adults and created a sustainable price structure for all of our wholesalers, distributors and retailers which ultimately benefits the purchaser.

All of our tinctures come in a UV protected amber bottle. If your CBD comes in a clear glass bottle simple sunlight or interior lights will degrade your CBD almost immediately. Light increases the oxidation of CBD so always store your tincture in a cool, dark place.

We also include a graduated child resistant dropper with every bottle. This means the dropper is labeled so you can accurately dose yourself with the same amount every time. Our droppers are all labeled in 0.25ml increments for easy reading and measurements.

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