Commonly Asked Questions

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CBD 101

CBD or cannabidiol is a molecule in the cannabis plant known as a cannabinoid. It exists alongside over 100 other similar compounds. CBD is used for a large variety of reasons, and we recommend our customers always try and learn as much as they can from 3rd party informational sources as well to fully encompass the information that is readily available concerning CBD and the CBD industry.

Full spectrum is a term that refers to the scope of ingredients in the extracted oil. Full spectrum oil contains all of the cannabinoids, phytonutrients flavonoids and other plant compounds relative to the native account rather than just containing some of them or none of them in CBD isolate based products. Of course the full spectrum of plant compounds in an extract typically produces an “entourage effect”, an increased effectiveness which only occurs when all of the native plant compounds are taken together with each other.

No. THC is the active cannabinoid with mild psychoactive effects in cannabis plants. Our products contain either a trace amount under 0.3% total THC or NO THC depending on the product or product options that are selected. None of our products produce any kind of intoxicating high whatsoever.

Everyone has different types of metabolic processing so there is no straight answer to this question. In most cases, no, trace amounts of THC will not make you fail a drug test but prolonged use has the possibility of trace amounts of THC building up in your system where the outcome might be unknown. We cannot be held liable if someone fails a drug test from using our products.

Cannabis sativa is the scientific name for the marijuana plant. However all of our products remain 50 state legal because we use industrial grade hemp, which is a specific version of cannabis sativa that contains less than 0.3% THC on average. Marijuana by definition are version of the plants that produce large amounts of THC in the flowers.

Our Company

All of our full spectrum tinctures, lotions and salves use an ethanol based hemp extraction. Our CBD hemp oil is darker in color than some other manufacturers because we believe in the benefits from the entire plant, rather than a concentrated molecule. However, we do offer CBD isolate only versions on many of our products as an additional buying option.

At Phoria, we have been working with CBD commercially since 2013 and offer white label manufacturing services for over 100 other CBD companies. Our products are designed from scratch and sometimes even take multiple years and extensive testing to come to fruition. We strive to have the best formulas and CBD products on the market and are extremely happy with our current product line up. We are always devising new products and continue to grow with help from our loyal customer base. We love keeping our customers happy, and customer satisfaction is our first and foremost focus.

Yes, we offer white label product formulations and rebranded Phoria products. Are you interested in starting a CBD brand? We fully facilitate the entire process of product manufacturing, label design, POP displays and more for your own CBD brand.

Our Products

All of our products are lab tested twice, once with the initial  hemp extraction process and once when every batch is finished. Every product has a batch id code on it for full traceability. We test our products for cannabinoid potency, microbial contaminants and heavy metals.

Shipping & Returns

We currently use the postal service to ship all of our orders. Once shipped, you receive a tracking number from that can be tracked through all the way to your door.

When your item ships our system automatically emails you the tracking number. All orders are shipped Mon-Fri with 24 hours of placing your order. If you do not see a tracking number email notice, please check your spam or junk mail inbox first or contact us.

All orders over $50 receive free first class shipping with the post office. We have the options to select first class, priority mail or priority express shipping at the time of checkout.