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DHA Oil + CBD Oil Nano Tincture

Our Chromista oil (schizochytrium sp.) is water extracted from an edible oil-algae strain, making it the finest, purest and safest ever (FDA-GRAS). Untouched by the sea, the cultured oil is grown pure inside enclosed tanks for absolute purity. Combine CBD with the well-known health benefits of DHA oil and reap the rewards.

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DHA Oil Facts

DHA, short for Docosahexaenoic acid is a specific type of Omega-3 fatty acid. Your body produces DHA but only in small amounts, requiring you to obtain it from external resources, such as fish oil or in our case water extracted algae oil. Algae is actually the source from where fish obtain their DHA making up over 80% of all Omega-3 fatty acids in your body, and over 90% Omega-3s in your brain. The brain uses DHA to keep synapses firing at top-efficiecy.

DHA serves an essential role in mitochondrial health. Out mitochondria are ancient protozoa that provide us with energy on a fundamental level through electron transport chains and ATP. In basic terminology, when your mitochondria fail to perform as well you get sick. Based on emerging and qualified peer-reviewed research, independent study demonstrates that DHA is the only omega-3 used to make mitochondrial cardiolipin, but only when sufficient DHA intake levels are maintained over time.

What is mitochondrial cardiolipin? Cardiolipin is a lipid complex that can only be made from certain fatty acids. Cardiolipin is a novel phospholipid made only in the mitochondria, which are the sole power factories for our body and cells.

Cardiolipin functions as a proton trap giving ATP synthase the juice needed to enhance electron transfer and reduce electron leakage. Cardiolipin also participates in a structural scaffold essential for the distinctive shape of mitochondrial cristae.

DHA is the only omega-3 that can be used to make this novel lipid, but only when DHA is consistently available in the diet at high enough levels. DHA is thought to also have electroconductive properties adding to its many uses in the human body, brain, eyes and heart.

DHA Oil Health Benefits

Results based on published clinical research with algae oil.

  • Maintains lower triglyceride levels
  • Maintains higher "good" cholesterol and ratio
  • Maintains lower blood pressure
  • Maintains heart health as better predictor than cholesterol for the general population.
  • Maintains lower risk of colon cancer
  • Maintains lower risk of macular degeneration
  • Maintains higher DHA levels in brain
  • Maintains lower Dry Eye symptoms
  • Maintains childhood sleep patterns
  • Maintains lower ADHD symptoms
  • Maintains lower risk of preterm birth

Algae Oil Quality

Grown inside in a controlled culture system, Source-Omega is partnered with facilities that are state of the art, highest quality, using only the best staff and techniques. The oil-algae are grown in the dark because the algae feed on the sugars from corn mash to convert fixed carbon energy into oil. Just like a plant-seed stores oils, the algae strain we use stores energy as oil inside. These Chromista algae make up to 60% of their mass into oil. Then in one step, the algae are broken open to separate the oil (>50% DHA) and algae meal (>18% DHA) by water extraction, a chemical-free process. There is very little waste and no harm to the environment.

By law, rather, the security of the supply is maintained by Dr Scott Doughman - an international algae oil authority, scientist and regulatory professional. His oversight ensures improvements that are unmatched. This is why others seek his advice. This leadership and his partnerships raise the standards in algae oil.

Liposomal and Nanoemulsified CBD

Our CBD tinctures developed at Phoria's private laboratories are one-of-a-kind and undergo rigorous manufacturing and testing processes. Our DHA oil tincture consists of only two ingredients, laboratory grown water extracted algae oil and CBD oil extract. Consisting of all oil based ingredients our tincture is considered liposomal. This means that a good number of the nutrients and compounds contained in the oils are surrounded by a fat, thus allowing the ingested tincture to travel past the stomach, where a lot of medication can be destroyed by harmful hydrochloric acid and absorbed by the gut directly into the bloodstream. We focus heavily on bioavailability, or the ability to properly absorb all the nutrients in our tinctures. This is why we treat them with nano-emulsifying technology. Ultra-sonic waves are produced inside the tincture, resulting in a format that is more bioavailable to the human body, delivering biologically active substances intracellularly and directly to the lymphatic circulation. Our tinctures on average are 5-10 times more bio-available than most of the other brands on the market so please do your research before buying an alternative brand of CBD oil.

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